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Office Box 2

Office Box 2

Our Office Box 2 features a small 1.82m x 1.82m internal footprint so ideal for a 1-person office to work from home. The small Garden room includes a large, fixed pane window on the front, single glazed door at the side with a side roof canopy & decked area.

Available in one size: 2.2m x 2.2m


  • Heavy duty galvanised ground screw foundation system
  • SIPS (structurally insulated panels) floor, walls & roof structure
  • One piece EPDM rubber roof membrane
  • Black metal fascia boards
  • Recessed side design with cladded side panel
  • Canopy roof to side with 0.5m projection
  • Black composite decking to side (0.5m)
  • Wrapped in breathable membrane
  • Black 0.9m wide x 2.0m high single PVC door
  • Black 1.3m wide x 2.0m high fixed pane PVC window
  • Western Red Cedar Cladding to front & one side
  • Black Thermowood Cladding to rear & one side
  • Guttering to rear routed away from structure
  • MDF sheeting to interior walls & ceiling (left unpainted)
  • Laminate Grey Oak flooring
  • MDF skirting boards (left unpainted)
  • 4 x matt Black double sockets with USB
  • LED ceiling panel light
  • 1 x matt Black light switch
  • 1x Black external up & down LED wall light
  • Slim profile Black electric wall panel heater



Excl. VAT Inc. VAT
£16,000 £19,200


Do I need planning permission?2022-04-19T11:14:14+00:00

Garden rooms will not need planning permission as long as you stick to the permitted development rules. The information in this section should make the rules a little clearer. The permitted development rules for outbuildings can be found here. If you’re still unsure, please contact us.

Where can I build a garden room?2022-03-09T16:36:45+00:00

The garden room must be positioned to the rear or side of your property. Should you want to place your garden room to the front of your property then you will need planning permission.

How big can my garden room be?2022-03-09T16:36:45+00:00

You can now use up to 50% of all your land excluding the part the ‘original house’ sits on. All your land includes the front garden, side garden and back garden. The term “original house” means the house as it was first built, so include any extensions you or previous owners have built into the calculation. To sum up, existing additions to your house like extensions, conservatories, sheds and greenhouses, these buildings combined with the garden room should not cover more than 50% of the overall land excluding the original house.

How high can my garden room be?2022-03-09T16:36:45+00:00

Under the permitted development rules, a flat roof (low pitch) garden room must not exceed 2.5m in height. For garden rooms built at least 2m away from all boundaries, the height can be increased up to 3m at the front, sloping to 2.5m at the rear eave’s height (single pitch roof), this is ideal for garden rooms that will be used as a gym due to raised height of exercise equipment.

Do I need building control approval?2022-04-19T11:14:55+00:00

No, building control approval isn’t required for garden rooms up to 15m2 as long as they do not contain any sleeping accommodation (habitable dwelling). The same rule applies for garden rooms that are between 15 – 30m2 but will need to be either at 1m from all boundaries or constructed using substantially non-combustible materials if built within 1m from the boundaries.

Upon request and for an additional cost, we can include fire rated materials in the construction process, providing you with a substantially non-combustible structure, which in turn, will allow you to position your garden room less than 1m from your boundaries, saving you valuable space within your garden.

Do I need a concrete or paved level base?2022-03-09T16:36:45+00:00

No, all of our garden rooms have the foundation system included in the price. In most cases we use a heavy-duty galvanised ground screw foundation system. The ground condition will determine the length of screw used but the most common length is 1.2m. A 5m x 3m garden room will use 15 ground screws with a load capacity of 1.5 tonnes per screw.

Will my garden room require any maintenance?2022-03-09T16:36:45+00:00

No, they are designed to be maintenance free. The cedar cladding has a high resistance to decay, with durability and natural preservatives. The western red cedar is 100% maintenance free and has a typical lifespan of 40+ years. Cedar will naturally weather and go silver over time. If desired, you can prolong the different shades of red and brown by oiling the cedar with a UV protection oil not long after installation. This process will have to be repeated every 4-5 years depending on product used.

Is a gap required between the garden room and the fence?2022-04-19T11:15:28+00:00

To build your garden room we will require a 0.5m gap between the structure and the fence to enable us to build and clad the walls. However, it is possible to temporarily remove the fence to enable the construction process. This will enable you to have the room closer to the boundaries although we recommend always leaving a small gap if possible, so you do not create a breeding ground for moisture and to avoid the room looking too squashed in the corner. Fence removal needs to be arranged and carried out by you prior to us arriving.

How long will the installation take?2022-03-09T16:36:45+00:00

This all depends on the size of the garden room and specification you have chosen along with the number of upgrades required. Generally speaking, the build time is approximately 15 days. We always strive to complete the rooms as quick as possible whilst not compromising the quality of the finish and battling the Great British weather.

Do you have a brochure you can send me?2022-03-09T17:12:17+00:00

We don’t have a glossy brochure. All information can be found on our website. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us.

What are SIPs Panels?2022-03-09T16:37:24+00:00

Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are a high-performance building system used in modern construction. The panels consist of an insulating foam core sandwiched between two structural timber sheets, typically oriented strand board (OSB). SIPs are manufactured under factory-controlled conditions and can be fabricated to fit nearly any building design. The result is a building system that is extremely strong and energy efficient with faster build times.

Will my garden room have electricity?2022-03-09T16:37:24+00:00

Each garden building is fitted with an electrics package comprising of a mains consumer unit, double sockets, LED lights and light switch. The electrical fittings are supplied in matt black unless otherwise requested. All wiring is fully concealed within the timber framework. The only aspect that’s not included is installing and connecting an armoured power cable from the consumer unit in your property to the garden room. This is because every route and distance for this differs from job to job. Our onsite electrician can provide you with a quote for this as a separate job or you can use your local electrician to carry out the installation after completion as the rooms internal electrics are left ‘ready for connection’.

Can I still have a garden room if access to my garden is limited?2022-04-19T11:15:59+00:00

In most cases yes. Where there’s a will there’s a way. As long as there is a way of getting the largest piece of timber in then the others should follow behind. We have installed garden rooms in some pretty tricky locations.

What’s included in the price?2022-03-09T16:37:24+00:00

Our prices include the full cost of installation from foundations to decoration. The only other requirement is the power supply from the house which our onsite electrician can quote for separately if required. Your final price, including any upgrades you may have selected, is the price you pay.

How much deposit is required?2022-03-09T16:37:24+00:00

Once a specification and start date has been agreed, we ask for a 50% deposit at least 6 weeks in advance. This secures the date and allows us to place orders for some of the materials required. We then ask for 25% half through the build process and the final 25% on the day of completion when you’re 100% satisfied with your garden room.

How soon can you build me a garden room?2022-03-09T16:37:24+00:00

Generally speaking, it’s about a 6 week wait. This will obviously depend on what we have on at the time. We can sometimes fit you sooner depending on the specification and size of your garden room. Please contact us for an accurate lead time.

Are the sizes given the internal or external measurements?2022-04-04T17:08:28+00:00

The measurements given are the ‘middle measurement’ which are the dimensions of the structure without the external or internal finishes. Below is a table showing you the exact size of some popular garden room sizes (excludes any canopy on roof & decking areas).

We can build to any size you require but due to the way the sips panels are manufactured, it’s more cost effective to stick to these dimensions as there is less waste during the manufacturing process.

Room Size 3m
Internal 2720mm x 2720mm 3920mm x 2720mm 4610mm x 3090mm 4600mm x 3920mm 5820mm x 3920mm
External 3090mm x 3090mm 4290mm x 3090mm 4970mm x 3090mm 4970mm x 4290mm 6190mm x 4290mm

What type of Doors & windows are included?2022-03-09T16:37:24+00:00

As standard our rooms include black UPVC doors and windows and black aluminium variations on the Heritage range. All doors & windows come with double glazed glass panels and black handles and hinges. The type and size can be found with the specification of that particular room on our room range section of the website. These can be changed to almost any size, colour and configuration or upgraded to a premium aluminium version upon request.

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